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1.    Abomart Ventures

2.    Abosso Goldfields Limited

3.    Abundant Life Ministries

4.    Academy for Educational Development

5.    Accra Metropolitan Authority

6.    Accra Markets Limited

7.    Achimota Taxi Drivers Co-operative

8.    Action Aid Ghana

9.    Adventist Development and Relief Agency

10.                 African Enterprise

11.                 African Mining Services

12.                 AFS Intercultural Programmes

13.                 Agogo Hospital

14.                 Akaidoo Enterprise Limited

15.                 Akoto Risk Management company Limited

16.                 Akyepim Rural Bank

17.                 Allwa Beauty Palace

18.                 Amarna Limited

19.                 American Life Insurance

20.                 Amshop Limited

21.                 Anglogold Ashanti

22.                 Antrak Ghana Limited

23.                 Apex Bank

24.                 Architectural & Engineering Services Corporation (AESC)

25.                 Arch Diocesan Health Pharmacy Limited

26.                 Ashanti Goldfields Company Limited

27.                 ASNAPP

28.                 Asona Lodge

29.                 Atlantic Port Services Limited

30.                 Atlas Company

31.                 A. N. & Sons Limited

32.                 Aviation Handling Services

33.                 Baah Technical Institute

34.                 Bank of Ghana

35.                 Barhart Company Limited

36.                 Barry Callebaut Gh. Ltd

37.                 Benyark Engineering Company Limited

38.                 Blue Sky Products Ghana Limited

39.                 Bulk Oil Storage & Transportation Company (BOST)

40.                 Bray’s Business Services Centre

41.                 right Light Ghana Limited

42.                 Bridal Trust

43.                 Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI)

44.                 Busy Internet

45.                 Cann Furniture Company

46.                 Cape Coast University

47.                 Catholic Arch Diocese of Accra

48.                 Catholic Relief Services

49.                 Catholic Clinic and Maternity

50.                 Central Regional Development Commission

51.                 Centre for Active Learning & International Development

52.                 Centre for National Culture

53.                 Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine

54.                 Challenge Enterprise of Ghana

55.                 Church Hospital Association of Ghana

56.                 Church of Pentecost

57.                 CIDA Farmer Project

58.                 City Express Limited

59.                 COB-A Industries Limited

60.                 Cocoa Marketing Company

61.                 Cocoa Clinic, Accra

62.                 Cocoa Processing Company Limited

63.                 Cocoa Services Division

64.                 Commercial Consultants

65.                 Commission For Human Rights & Administrative Justice (CHRAJ)

66.                 Consolidated Discount House

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67.                 Continental African Trading Agency

68.                 Crocodile Machete

69.                 Cotton Development House

70.                 Council for Law Reporting

71.                 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

72.                 Customs Excise & Preventive Services

73.                 C. F. A. O

74.                 Danbri Co. Limited

75.                 Dark Dynasty Enterprise

76.                 Datus Complex Schools Limited

77.                 Dennicom

78.                 Department of Cooperatives

79.                 Department of National Lotteries

80.                 Department of Parks & Garden

81.                 Department of Rural Housing and Cottage Industries

82.                 Department of Urban Roads

83.                 Development Consortium

84.                 DHL

85.                 D. S. Kpodo - Tay & Partners

86.                 Donewell Insurance Company Limited

87.                 DOP  Transport Ltd

88.                 Echoduck Agency

89.                 Ecowas Fund

90.                 Electricity Company of Ghana

91.                 Electrotech

92.                 El-Blue Engineering

93.                 EMEFS Construction Limited

94.                 Emil Ghana Limited

95.                 Enterprise Insurance Company Limited

96.                 Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit

97.                 Environmental Protection Agency

98.                 Ertson Enterprise

99.                 Esaseman Construction Co. Limited.

100.      Ethiopian Airlines

101.      E.P Church Book Depot

102.      European Commission

103.      Exgrade Marketing Limited

104.      Export Development and Investment Fund

105.      Family Furniture Works

106.      Famko Ghana Limited

107.      Famapine Ghana Limited

108.      Fan Milk Limited

109.      FASCOM

110.      Fidentia West Africa Limited

111.      first Tech Company Ltd

112.      first Allied Savings and Loans Ltd

113.      First Baptist Church, Tema

114.      Flair Catering Services Limited

115.      Florex (Ghana) Limited

116.      Food and Drugs Board

117.      Forest Plantation Fund Board

118.      Frimpomaa Hotel Limited

119.      GAMA FILMS

120.      General Development Co. Limited

121.      Geodomi Limited

122.      Georgefields Farms

123.      Gescon Transport and Trading Company

124.      Gerofix Rent-A-Sign

125.      Ghana Airways Co. Ltd

126.      Glaxosmithkline

127.      Ghana Aluminium Co Ltd

128.      Ghana Airport Company

129.      Ghana Armed Forces

130.      Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

131.      Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

132.      Ghana Bauxite Co Ltd

133.      Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

134.      Ghana Commercial Bank

135.      Ghana Co-operative Bank

136.      Ghana Education Service

137.      Ghana Export co. Limited

138.      Ghana Food Distribution Corporation

139.      Ghana Health Service

140.      Ghana Immigration Service

141.      Ghana Institute of Journalism

142.      Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration

143.      Ghana Investment Centre

144.      Ghana Libyan Arab Holding Co. (GLAHCO)

145.      Ghana Museums and Monuments Board

146.      Ghana National Association of Teachers

147.      Ghana National Petroleum Company

148.      Ghana National Procurement Agency Limited (GNPA)

149.      Ghana Navy

150.      Ghana News Agency

151.      Ghana Police Service

112.Ghana Ports and Habours Authority

113.Ghana Postal Services

114.Ghana Publishing Corporation

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115.Ghana Railways Corporation

116.Ghana Registered Nurses Association

117.Ghana Re-Insurance Company Limited

118.Ghana Standards Board

119.Ghana Stock Exchange

120.Ghana Supply Commission

121.Ghana Telecom

122.Ghana Textile Printing Company Limited

123.Ghana Timber Marketing Board

124.Ghana Tourist Board

125.Ghana Union Assurance Company Limited

126.Ghana Universities Press

127.Ghana Water Company

128.Ghana Youth for Christ

129.G & J Technical Service

130.GIHOC Distilleries


132.Gokin Enterprise Limited

133.Gold Photo Laboratory

134.Golden Beach Hotel (Elmina)

135.Golpaldas Woolworth Limited

136.Grains Warehousing Company

137.Graphic Communication Group

138.GRATIS Project

139.Great African Insurance Company Limited.

140.Great Commission Movement

141.Greater Accra Regional Administration

142.Growth International Dev. Prog


144.Hansas Complex Limited

145.Hariram Paper Product Ltd.

146.Health Laboratory Services

147.Help Age Ghana

148.Hencorf Enterprise Limited

149.Holland West Africa Lines

150.Holy Family Hospital

151.Home Finance Company Limited

152.Home Study Training Centre

153.Ho Polytechnic

154.Hotel Eredec

155.Hull Blyth Ghana Limited

156.ICOUR Limited

157.Impregilo Recchi

158.Industrial Research Institute

159.Information Services Department

160.Infracture Solutions

161.Institute of African Studies

162.Institute of Management Studies

163.Institute of Professional Studies

164.Internal Revenue Services

165.Internal Audit Agency

166.Intravenous Infusion Limited

167.Judicial Services

168.Kay Micro - Data Services

169.Kasapa Telecommunication Ltd

170.Kete-Krachi District Assembly

171.Koforidua Hotel

172.Korkdam Hotel

173.Kasarkjian Limited

174.Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre

175.Kotex Limited

176.Kpogas Standard Furniture Company Limited

177.Kumasi Metropolitan Authority

178.Kumpassey Enterprise

179.Kunadu Yiadom Construction Company Limited

180.La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

181.Labour Department

182.Lakeside Motel

183.Lampex Limited

184.Law Reform Commission

185.Land Valuation Board

186.Leaf Development Company Limited

187.Liner Agencies Limited

188.Lintas (GH) Limited

189.L’Air Liquide (GH) Limited

190.Luxury Car Rentals

191.M & J Business Services Agency

192.Macboaron Limited

193.Makola Market Co. Ltd

194.Management Services Division

195.Management Trustees of VALCO Trust Fund

196.Maranatha Bible College

197.Mariner & General Brokers Company Limited

198.Masai Developers Limited

199.Mawuli Secondary School

200.Mechanical Llyod Company Limited

201.Medical Supply Ghana Limited

202.Merchant Bank (GH) Limited

203.Meridian Tobacco Company Limited

204.MES Equipment Limited

205.Metro Health Directorate

206.Micyvicy Engineering Company Limited

202.Mim timbers

203.Minerals Commission

204.Ministry of Defence

205.Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning

206.Ministry of Harbour and Railways

207.Ministry of Health (Pharmacy Division)

207.Ministry of Health, Ketu District Health Directorate

208.Ministry of Health, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

209.Ministry of Fuel and Power

210.Ministry of Land and Forestry

211.Ministry of Mines

212.Ministry of Public Sector Reform

213.Ministry of Trade and Industries

214.Ministry of Transport and Communication

215.Ministry of Works and Housing

216.Mobil Oil Ghana Limited.

217.Mobile Engineering Works

218.Nana Kumi and Associates

219.Narh-Bita Hospital

220.National Board for Small Scale Industries

221.National Council on Women and Development

222.National Film and Television Institute

223.National Investment Bank

224.National Savings & Credit Bank

225.National Service Secretariat

226.National Sports Council

227.National Symphony Orchestra

228.National Trust Holding Company

229.National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI)

230.National Youth Council

231.Net Shoppe Ghana Limited

232.Nestle Ghana Limited

233.New Edubiase Secondary School

234.New Mount Ghana Gold

235.Normal Technical Secondary School

236.Northern Region Rural Integrated Programme (NORRIP)


238.Nkoranza District Health Institute

239.Nutrition Division of Ministry of Health

240.Odasani Hotel

241.Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands

242.Office of the Head of the Civil Service

243.Office of the President

244.Oil Palm Research Institute

245.Okay & Sons Limited

246.Opportunity International

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247.Opportunities Industrialization Centre, Ghana

248.Osiadan CONCRETE Products

249.Overseas Processing Entity

250.Palmers Green International Ltd

251.Pakplast Limited

252.Panorama Club Hotel

253.Paramount Distilleries

254.Partners May Hotel

255.Peace Corps Ghana

256.Peabo Quarry Co. Ltd

257.Pee-Tay and Company Limited

258.Petroleum Department

259.Pharmacy Council

260.Pioneer Aluminum Company

261.Pioneer Food Cannery

262.Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana

263.Polafco (Ghana) Limited

264.Polymers Ghana

265.Precious Metal Refinery

266.Premsons Wood Processing

267.Presbyterian Church of Ghana

268.Presbyterian Press

269.Presbyterian Women’s Centre


271.Princess Marie Louise Hospital

272.Prisons Service


274.Prodesign Ltd

275.Produce Inspection Division

276.Pro Vita Specialist hospital

277.Prudential Bank

278.Public Services Commission

279.PW Ghana Limited

280.Quality Insurance Co. Ltd

281.Rantras Spares Company Limited

282.Real Estate Development and Engineering

283.Realimpact Consultancy Services

284.REISS And Company


286.Regional Maritime Academy

287.Regional Coordinating Council – Greater Acra

288.Royal Hotel

289.Safeway Hardware Limited

290.Saga Ghana Limited

291.Samartex  Timber and Plywood Co. Ltd

292.Sambus Company Limited

293.Savelugu/Nadom District Assembly

294.School of Domestic Science and Catering

295.Scripture Union

296.Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan Assembly

297.Shell Ghana Limited

298.Silver Pot Restaurant

299.Silver Star Auto Ltd

300.Social Security & National Insurance Trust (SSNIT)

301.South Tongu District Assembly

302.Standard Chartered Bank Limited

303.Star Jewellery

304.Startech Limited

305.State Insurance Corporation

306.Statistical Service Board

307.Survey Department

308.Takoradi International Company Ltd. (TICO)

309.Tansow Limited


311.Tema Development Corporation

312.Tema District Council

313.Tema Oil Refinery

314.Terahydro Associates Limited

315.The Ghanaian Chronicle

316.The Quiet Lodge Hotel

317.The Trust Hospital

318.The World Bank

319.Timber Export Development Corporation

320.Toyota Ghana Limited

321.Trade Union Congress (Headquarters)

322.Transaction Solutions

323.Tringo Limited

324.Two Worlds Manufacturing Company Limited

325.UNICEF – Ghana

326.U. T. C. Services of (GH) Limited

327.Unilever Ghana Ltd

328.Union Finance and Credit Company Ltd.

329.United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

330.Unique Insurance Co Ltd

331.University College of Education , Winneba (UCEW)

332.University of Ghana

333.University of Ghana Business School (UGBS)

334.University of Ghana Bookshop

335.University of Ghana Medical School

336.University of Science & Technology, School of Mines

337.Upper Quarry Limited

338.VAT Service

339.Vector Morrison Gh Ltd

329.Volta Lake Transport Company

330.Water Aid

331.Wang Computers (SCL)

332.Welmax Graphic Arts Limited

340.West African Examinations Council (WAEC)

341.West African Monetary Institute

342.WIENCO (GH) Ltd.

343.Wood-Imex Limited

344.Women’s World Banking (Ghana) Limited

345.World Vision International

346.Yankah and Associates

347.Young Women’s Christian Association.


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1.   Agro Action Group - Liberia

2.   Delta Corp Limited, Harare, Zimbabwe

3.   Financial Services Authority, London 

4.   Gambia Agency For The Management of Public Works (GAMWORKS)

5.   Gambia Assets Management and Recovery Corporation

6.     Gambia Assets and Recovery Corporation

7.     Gambia Cellular Company Limited (GAMCEL)

8.     Gambia Civil Aviation Authority

9.     Gambia International Airlines

10.    Gambia Medical Research Laboratory

11     Gambia Management Development Institute

12.    Gambia National Environment Agency

13.    Gambia National HIV/AIDS Secretariat (NAS)

14.    Gambia National Water & Electricity Co. Ltd.

15.    Gambia Ports Authority

16.    Gambia Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital

17.    Gambia Social Security & Housing Corporation

18.    Gambia Telecommunications Company Ltd.

19.    Geoman Consult Limited - Burkina Faso

20     Plan International, Guinea.

21.    Sam-Woode Ltd

22.    Sierra Leone Commercial Bank

23.    Sierra Leone Methodist Church

24.    Sierra Leone Ministry of Finance

25     Sierra Leone National Petroleum Co.

26.    Sierra Leone West African Examinations Council

27.    Social Security and Housing Corp. The Gambia

28.    Liberia UNICEF

29.    Liberia West African Examinations Council

30.    The British School of Lome, Lome - Togo.


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